There is no template to you. 

Everyone has different sources of stress and wear. These can throw a body out of balance. They can slow you down. They can make you hurt. Dr. Ron Safko investigates lifestyle, routine and stress factors of everyone he treats to triangulate on the very root of physical discomfort.

To develop a treatment plan singular to each case.

To address both the pain and the conditions that create and exacerbate it.

To restore your vital balance, and to put you back on your own unique course.

Safko Chiropractic and Massage.
Every patient unique. Every treatment different.


Contact our offices in Midtown Manhattan, and let’s talk about how our brand of chiropractic care can manage your pain, alleviate it and restore your balance.

Looking at this posture. check out the possible ailments listed on the Where’s The Pain interactive illustration.

Did you know… We are all born asymmetrical, with a natural imbalance to our bodies?
Quick anatomy lesson: Our asymmetry is manifest in organ placement, with the liver on the right at 2-3 lbs, countered by spleen on left at 12-13 ounces, with three lobes of the lung on right and two on left.

This imbalance, over time, can yield gravitational pull on our bodies to the right. With a vast majority (95%) of people right-handed, we have become conditioned to right-side dominance, from how we throw, use tools, drive, exercise, even dance.

This dynamic over time leads to wear and tear on joints, bones, muscle in conspicuous rightward pattern. It even crops up in the left-handed 5%, who weight their movement differently yet still operate in a world largely designed for the right-handed. Most lower back surgeries, knee and hip replacements and foot surgeries are performed on the right side of the body. It’s no coincidence.

Safko Chiropractic employs a proprietary treatment method, developed over years of hands-on physiological study, correct for this natural imbalance by way of manual soft tissue manipulation techniques.

ACA Key Facts – This document from the American Chiropractic Association contains important information on the benefits of chiropractic care.

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