The following are a collection of genuine letters from our patients. For more online reviews, click here.

“I can honestly say I was surprised by the results of my visits with Dr. Safko. I have suffered from severe back, hip and leg pain for years. I had tried physical therapy and acupuncture with almost no effect other than to leave me extremely discouraged. I thought I would be in pain for the rest of my life but the techniques used by Dr. Safko and his team have made all the difference. He recognized that what I needed was a combination of chiropractic and massage therapies that were very intense at the beginning and could be adjusted over time. At this point my condition has greatly improved and I feel optimistic that it will continue to do so. I really appreciate that he didn’t try to get me to change my lifestyle by telling me to stop playing tennis or running as others have in the past. Rather, he has taught me stretches and other exercises to supplement my visits to his office and to help me continue to enjoy my favorite activities. “ — Carolynn

“I am 54 years old. I just ran the NYC Marathon and I am pain and injury free –
thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Safko.”

— Laurie R.

“Before I was referred to Dr. Safko, I had seen other chiropractors and physiatrists and none had made a significant difference in my chronic back and hip pain.  Before I began treatment with Dr. Safko I was unable to sit in front of my computer at work for more than a few hours without debilitating pain and now I can sit all day without a problem (though as they will remind you – walking breaks are advised!).  Since seeing Dr. Safko and his truly excellent staff not only do I rarely feel pain but there is a huge improvement in my posture and I feel lighter and more flexible all around.  The therapeutic massage has worked wonders on the tightness in my back, neck and hips which has lessened pain and improved my yoga practice as well.  They even helped with something that I hadn’t thought to ask them about – tension headaches that I would routinely get a few times a week – and they not only diagnosed the problem but in a few treatments completely got rid of them!

Dr. Safko and his team really understand the body and will give you personalized advice on how to prevent pain in the future as well.  I highly recommend Dr. Safko’s practice to anyone who has chronic pain.  You don’t have to live with it!”

— Mariana

“I would not be running this year’s marathon without Dr. Safko’s help. This is the first season I have run since fracturing my leg two years ago, and all through training Dr. Safko and his team have helped alleviate knee, ankle and shin issues before they spun out of control. I am running strong and pain free.”

— PJ

“I suffered from my first major back spasm in 2004. At age 37 I was already a 36 year cancer survivor and had been relatively healthy and athletic. Having my left kidney removed at 15 mos. old and undergoing radiation and chemotherapy had left me with a severe muscular imbalance and mild scholiosis. As I grew the muscles on the side of my body where the organ was removed atrophied and the muscles on my “healthy” side took over, becoming over developed and over worked. As a child and young adult playing tennis and swimming competitively kept my core strong and my back spasms in check. Like most people as I aged I became more sedentary and sitting at a “desk job” for hours everyday aggravated my condition.

I was vacuuming the first time my back went into crisis. The pain was unimaginable, sending me to my knees and then onto the floor. I was shocked, frightened and didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t move without assistance and was bed ridden for 2 weeks. My Internist referred me to an Orthopedic Surgeon who took ex rays and prescribed pain pills, but he wasn’t really interested in “treating” me since my problem wasn’t structural and there would be no need for surgery. Basically I was told that I had to “live with it”.

My best friend had been a patient of Dr. Safko’s for several years before my first episode and highly recommended him. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for finding him and the wonderful staff of therapeutic massage therapists in his practice! Dr. Safko is one of the most caring, knowledgeable and effective doctors I have ever been treated by and given my medical history, I’ve been treated by more than I’d like to admit! I started feeling relief the very first visit. He was, and always is, very reassuring and never pushes you to come in to see him any more than is necessary to treat your problem. It’s important to mention that I travel a lot, and moved to Paris, France for 18 months, so there were times when I needed to seek assistance from other health care professionals. These experiences were never as effective as when I’m treated by Dr. Safko and his staff and some even made me feel worse.

While my back problems will never go away, and may continue to worsen with age, Dr. Safko is helping me manage my pain and keep moving every day. Thank you so much for taking care of me Dr. Safko – I wouldn’t know what to do without you!

— Susan B.

“After what was supposed to be routine foot surgery I found myself in extreme pain 24/7. It had been seven months since the surgery and instead of healing normally I found myself with burning pain in my feet, legs and lower back. By this time I had been seeing a Podiatrist, a Physiatrist who did Neurological testing and had two MRIs. I had a diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis and Bulging Disks but no one was helping me with the actual pain I was in. An Epidural was suggested, as was Lyrica. Both of these had crazy possible side effects! I was doing Physical Therapy but it was only helping minimally. By this time my life was at a standstill. I could barely walk, I never slept at night due to the pain, I was living on Motrin and cried a lot. Since I was stuck literally sitting around anyway, I did research on what other options might be available to me. A couple of message boards mentioned ART. I Googled it and up popped Dr. Safko’s website. I consider myself so lucky to have found him and his staff. Blessed actually.
“First Dr. Safko took the time to sit down with me and really listen to my story. After my initial exam, he explained to me his thoughts on the cause of my pain, and showed me diagrams explaining treatment. I immediately felt here was someone who really cares about helping people.
“The following week I had my first treatment with Dr. Safko. By the time I left the office that day, I had less of the tingling and burning in my feet and I finally slept without pain that night. In the following visits, he worked on my back and legs as well and the pain virtually began to disappear. In the next eight weeks or so I went from months of constant pain and sitting in one spot to exercise walking about two miles a day four days a week. Thanks to Dr. Safko I have my life back!”
— Anne-Marie C.

“After having hammertoe surgery in both feet, I was experiencing extreme pain in my heels, arches and little toes.  Periodically my toes would go numb.  The surgeon said “scar tissue” and wanted to operate again.  In no way was I prepared to go through more surgery so I made an appointment with Dr. Safko on the recommendation of my sister, who had a similar problem.
“After the first treatment I started to feel much better.  After only six visits I was pain free.  It was amazing!   Dr. Safko is a genuine, caring and talented doctor and it is my pleasure to recommend him and his staff.”

— Sue C.

“For most of my life I have been suffering from traumatic body injuries. During the past twenty five years I had been looking into a wide range of treatments, drugs, diets etc… to help me cope with the constant physical distress caused by the endless pain from these injuries. My search for relief had led me to look for someone who practiced the Graston technique, and this is how I met Dr. Safko. Contrary to a lot of health professionals I had seen, he made no promises, but his treatments brought considerably more relief than I had ever expected. He took the time to listen to my list of injuries, asked questions that showed he genuinely wanted to help, and proceeded to address the problems I had one by one. The fact that I keep returning to him is proof enough of the trust I put into his abilities to alleviate the suffering that accompanies my chronic ailments. This trust has led me to recommend Dr. Safko to others as well. I am in the unique position of being a voice teacher to singers who perform on the major opera and musical theater stages of the world. Singers are not immune to pain that not only results from occupational injuries, but also from the stress of rehearsals and performances. On many occasions, I sent some of them to Dr. Safko to find competent care for their enduring or chronic problems, always with remarkable results. He also had the honesty to refer them to other practitioners for treatments that were peripheral to his own area of specialization.

“Dr. Safko is a true healer because of his commitment to relieve pain and of his ceaseless quest for solutions. He doesn’t just go through the motions: he is completely involved in the process of helping the patient get better. You never get the feeling that the business aspect of his practice is a priority.

“He also relies on a gifted and efficient multidisciplinary team of highly skilled people who assist him into targeting the causes of injuries and pinpointing the appropriate treatments whenever necessary.

“I recommend Dr. Safko and his team without any reservation for their honest, efficient, holistic approach. I am always happy when my students come back to me feeling better after seeing him, and elated that their support team now includes such a wonderful healer.”

— Valerie Sorel

“I’ve been under chiropractic care for more than half my life and I’ve seen enough of them to know that Dr. Safko is one of the best. My main issue is scoliosis and he keeps me straightened out and pain free, not to mention keeping me well away from tradition medical ‘treatments’ for scoliosis. I also have a chronic problem with my knees where the bones float around out of position and Dr. Safko keeps those in line as well. No matter what’s hurting me from week to week and which areas are being stubborn, he always works with me until we get everything back where it belongs and I always feel better when I leave the office.

The massage therapists are also excellent and do their job well so that the doctor can do his even better.  Everyone in the office is friendly and professional and I’d recommend them to anyone, just don’t steal my bi-weekly appointment slot.”

— Meredith E.

“I am finding it hard to write this without sounding like I am exaggerating. Although, after reading everyone else’s testimonial, I am obviously not alone in my gratitude to Dr. Safko. I went to him complaining of pins and needles on my left side. I assumed I had a pinched nerve. Dr. Safko insisted I get an MRI to see what was really going on. Turns out I have M.S. I have been a patient of Dr. Safko for almost 10 years. I know chiropractic care is not a cure for my disease, but every time my M.S. shows itself, I am in his office as soon as possible. Sure enough, my symptoms start to calm down. Between his treatments and his forever positive attitude I always feel better when I leave his office. I can’t imagine dealing with this disease without him. He and his staff are incredible. I am forever grateful to him.”

— Jane D.

“I have been treated by Dr. Safko numerous times over the last several years. I have arthritis of my cervical spine and a herniated disc in my lumbar spine. Whenever I am in pain I visit Dr. Safko. He is very knowledgeable and professional. As soon as I describe the pain I am experiencing, he advises one of his wonderful massage therapists on the particular therapy that I need – and advises me on exercises I should do to maintain my well being. Usually one or two treatments keeps me going for several months. He and his staff are the best and I highly recommend them!”

— Margaret C.

“I have suffered with chronic headaches and neck pain for 20 years and have seen a variety of different specialists (neurologists, chiropractors, physical therapists, etc.)  over the years.  I used to think that chiropractics simply didn’t work for me, but now I realize that I just wasn’t seeing the right chiropractor.  Only from my treatment with Dr Safko have I felt lasting relief from my symptoms.  After so many years of pain and so many specialists, I never thought it would even be a possibility that my neck pain and headaches wouldn’t have to be part of my daily life.  But with his treatment, I feel better than I have in years.  Dr Safko has completely eliminated my need for any pain medication… which to me seems like a miracle.  I used to have to take Excedrin everyday, but now I haven’t had a headache in months.  He is by far the best chiropractor I have ever been treated by and I would recommend him to anyone.  The entire staff is wonderful as well.  It truly is a healing environment.”

— Maria Moyers


“Stupidly, I fell off a ladder while cleaning the roof gutters, landing on my back, shoulders, neck and head. After receiving the x-rays and cat scans results, I was happy to learn that nothing had been broken. However, I was experiencing headaches, pain and discomfort throughout my neck, shoulders and upper back. After taking a week’s worth of painkillers, a business associate of mine suggested that I visit Dr. Safko, who had treated him successfully for chronic back pain.
“I was somewhat skeptical of having someone move parts of my body for fear of having something go amiss and end up feeling worse rather than better . . . was I glad that my wife coaxed me into giving it a try!
“I have had different staff members work on my troubled areas and they all delivered superior care and treatment. One thing that assures great results is that Dr. Safko always comes in at the end of each treatment to do a “Quality control test”. He makes sure that all treated areas have been treated to his satisfaction and that the patient leaves his office more than satisfied. Also, he provides you with an instruction book for you to do exercises at home so you help yourself to get better quicker!!
“I am very pleased with my results and the caring experiences I have had with Doctor Safko and his staff and do not hesitate to recommend his practice very highly.”

— Alex C.

“I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis two years ago. I went to several podiatrists, all of whom injected me with multiple shots of cortisone without finding or treating the cause of my problem. My pain and the condition of my foot worsened, and the pain expanded to my lower back and hip. A problem that had started out as a nuisance to a 40 year old school teacher was becoming debilitating.

“After recounting my story to one of my friends, she suggested I go to Dr. Ron Safko. I must admit I was skeptical of a chiropractor’s ability to cure a foot problem, but at this point I could hardly walk so I was willing to do anything. My friend explained that Ron Safko was a doctor who wants to find the problem and solve it. He does not want to treat symptoms for the sake of an ongoing copay; he wants to heal you. And that is exactly what he did for me.

“After the first visit I was able to walk home (to the lower east side) from his office. By the third visit, I had little if no back pain. He also introduced me to a podiatrist who fit me for orthotics, to treat the root cause of my issues. My visits with Dr. Safko consisted of deep massage, adjustments and exercises. I knew from the first visit with Dr. Safko that he could see and feel my pain. He was as frustrated with my situation and how it was handled as I was. If I hadn’t gone to Dr. Safko, I would have done permanent damage to my back and hip because of the way I was walking. I am forever thankful for Dr. Safko and his staff for relieving my pain and making me feel like a real person again.”

— Megan Grant

“As a triathlete, I’ve been to Dr Safko on several occasions for injuries suffered in connection with my athletic training and competition, and, without any exaggeration at all, his treatments consistently exceed my expectations. When I am broken, he fixes me.

“Three weeks away from my last race of this season, I developed plantar fasciitis … in both feet! Through ART and other treatments, and with specific stretches done at home and changing my running form at Ron’s suggestion, I was able to participate in the race with not a trace of the pain or a hint of the injury recurring. That race weekend was among my most enjoyable and memorable weekends, and it absolutely would not have been anywhere near the same without having had Dr. Safko to fix what was broken.

“Dr. Safko’s greatest quality, besides his extraordinary skill and knowledge, is his no-nonsense approach and not merely individualized care — which he definitely offers — but care for the me, the individual. There’s a difference! My injury is to him not just an academic interest or merely a professional responsibility, it is his “enemy,” and his goal is to vanquish it, precisely because he is concerned for me as ‘me’.

“Of course, no laudatory words about Dr. Safko would be complete or fair without mentioning his delightful and equally skilled and interested staff — so much excellence and compassion having coalesced in one location is why, as a triathlete, I count Dr. Safko’s practice among my most valuable training assets.”

— T. Wojcik

“I had extreme back and neck pain. After trying two other chiropractors with little or no results — or worse! — I was reluctant to try another but a friend recommended Dr. Safko so I thought I’d give it one more try. After just a few sessions, I feel like a normal human being again. He is not only professional — he is a kind and generous person who makes you know that he really cares about you. He genuinely wants to get you better and keep you out of his office. He showed me how, with daily exercise, I could maintain my new, improved quality of life.”

— Genevieve

“I had chronic lower back pain. Now I feel the best I’ve felt in 20 years and know the proper maintenance necessary for me to stay away from Dr. Safko’s office.”

— J. Grillo

“I first met Dr. Safko when my previous doctor joined his practice.  Shortly after, my chiropractor relocated out of state and I began treatment with Dr.Safko. While both were quality doctors, Dr Safko utilized active release and Graston techniques to treat my sacroiliac pain (in addition to the the excellent therapeutic massage provided prior to the adjustment). For the first time in years, I began to have relief from persistent pain. I was also taught several stretches and given advice about my own bio mechanical issues in order to raise my awareness of my own negative repetitive motion and positional habits.  In addition, when I began training for a marathon and ran into successive injuries, his treatment, I believe, expedited my recovery. Last weekend, I ran my first marathon, the ING NYC marathon!

“Not only did I finish – but my aches and pains lasted only a few days. The doctor and staff were cheering me on the whole time and it is with them that I proudly share my accomplishment.”

— Amybeth Whissel

“I suffered for months with pain that became so bad I was considering surgery. After unsuccessful attempts at traditional treatment, I was referred to Dr. Safko. During our first meeting, he knew exactly what the problem was and how to treat it. After a few months of treatment, and the encouragement of Dr. Safko, I am as good as can be! He is the best!

— A. Belanger

“Dr. Safko changed my life. I know it seems like a cliche but it is very true. As the mother of two boys under three years of age, I was literally a mess. I could not sit for more than fifteen minutes at a time without experiencing serious pain. This made it very difficult to be the hands on mother I was used to being. I could not sit and play with them on the floor, living in the city I found it hard to push them in the stroller and the simple task of carrying my boys was painful. I went to number of back doctors, physcial therapy and even went for accupuncture. After unsucessfully trying these different treatments for many months, I was finally referred to Dr. Safko. In less than two weeks, I felt a dramatic difference. Dr. Safko found the root of the problem before suggesting any course of treatments. Within weeks I as fully back to my healthy energetic self. I reccomend Dr. Safko without any reservations and hope anyone who is in pain like I was is fortunate enough to be treated by Dr. Safko.”

— Melanie Morris

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